Learn About Our Wine

My wine choices reflects my mission to find wines with fantastic flavors, rare character and great value in Italy.
— Tony Sasa

My passion is to select unknown authentic regional grape varieties with exquisite flavors. It is like tasting different food, you will like some of them and some you don't. But they all have meaning and a lot of history. In Italy there are more than 500 different grape varieties and some of them have been cultivated for more than 2000 years.


Below are three great examples of our most popular wine! 


Fiano di Avellino  

Fiano is one of the most antique grape variety of Italy. Coming from the area of Naples, a volcanic area, but really warm during the day and cold at night, which gives the wine a dry and crispy taste! 



Laura is a dessert wine, light, easy drinking and really fruity. Perfect if chilled during the summer  days or it can also be the perfect companion for fruit salads, pies, biscuits etc


Barbera D'Asti Superiore 

Barbera is an amazing unique wine: with a deep dark color and incredible thickness, it comes from 85 year old vines! It is full body, intense, and really really smooth. A real experience!